Thursday, June 2, 2016

Employee Wellness Month: Happy Employees Boost Productivity


Deadlines, client meetings, and new projects—when employees are constantly juggling the stresses of today’s corporate world, it is often easy to let their health slide to the backseat. However, when employees are unhealthy and overworked, their productivity could decline. After all, research shows that a happy, healthy workforce could boost a company’s performance.

For employers, the well-being of your employees can make or break your company. As Anne M. Mulcahy puts it, “Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which lead to profitability.” When employees know that their employers are not solely after profit and are actively looking after them, they tend to perform better in their fields. Research shows that whenemployees are happy, their productivity levels surge by about 12%. So, as we welcome the Employee Wellness Month, we would like to share with you ways in which you can help maintain a happy and driven workforce.

Medical Security

Health is wealth and this is especially true in the business world. When your employees are healthy, they are able to work better and more efficiently. Investing in their well-being will not only safeguard their health but will also show that you value them.

Other than the usual health insurance, one suggestion that we would like to offer employers is to invest in long term care coverage. With the aging population, the need for long term care is growing. By offering long term care insurance as an employee benefit, you are able to show that you are willing to protect their futures, as well.

In today’s world, it is becoming normal to hear about workers with failing health because of work stress. People in their 20s are now experiencing strokes and heart attacks—illnesses we used to think would happen in our later years. Helping them guard themselves against these instances would show them that you care about their well-beings too.

Encourage Physical Activity

It is no secret that physically-active individuals are generally happier than those who are not. A great way for companies to encourage their employees to be active is to offer gym membership as incentives. They generally have a more positive outlook in life, and this type of attitude can be contagious in the best way.

Maintaining Good Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. When your employees are able to maintain good mental health, they are able to handle the pressures of work better. Encourage your employees to have personal times for themselves during the day. It can either be breaks in between work or engaging in fun activities after work. Visiting museums, having company dinners, or watching plays could help them refresh their minds.

Additionally, offering more vacation leaves could mean more productivity for your company despite more “no work” days. When they are encouraged to see the world and experience new things, people are more driven and inspired. When employees are encouraged to take time off work, they are able to cope with stress better.

We all know that stress is a natural part of life. Whether it is personal or work, stress will always be present and it could affect their well-being. By helping them access counseling services and by inviting counselors for seminars and talks, employees become more equipped in dealing with the stresses and pressures that they face.

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