Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekly Digest: The Many Facets of Senior Life


Because of the changing times, the senior members of society are faced with a number of new issues and challenges. For this week, we will be featuring the different facets that make life as a senior challenging in today’s world.

Seniors and technology in assisted living

Technology is a staple in everyday living, and assisted living facilities are quickly adapting to that. From connecting with grandkids through social media to playing Scrabble and Solitaire on their iPads, Dana Larsen of A Place for Mom describes how technology has improved the quality of life of seniors living in long term care facilities.

Crisis communications for the senior living industry

James F. Haggerty of McKnight’s Senior Living talks about the disasters that plague assisted living facilities. In his article, he lists the various ways in which these facilities can equip themselves against accidents, crimes, and other types of abuse.   

Resident to resident conflict

Ray Mullman of the South California Nursing Home Law Blog sheds light on the abuse commonly experienced by the elderly in nursing home from the other residents. From incidents of verbal and physical abuse to cases involving sexual offenses, Mullman cites inadequate staffing as a primary reason.

Elder care provider looks to clients’ spiritual needs

Elder care should not just cover medical and long term care needs of seniors—and Kara Bettis of the NewBostonPost draws attention to that. She shares in her article how two senior care professionals strive to provide not just legal services but the spiritual care element that seems to be lacking in today’s elder care.

Fitness: It’s really about discovering what fits

On a lighter note, Steven Siemons of The Senior Health and Fitness Blog combines enjoyment and fitness through his list of various activities seniors could take part in to maintain a quality life. 

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