Mississippi Long Term Care Insurance

Mississippi Long Term Care Insurance

Average Costs of Long Term Care Services in Mississippi

Long Term Care Partnership Program in Mississippi

Minnesotans who purchase certain long-term care insurance policies will be able to protect more of their assets under the Minnesota Long Term Care (LTC) Partnership. The plan is intended to give people greater control over how they finance their long-term care, while also addressing the demographic pressures that are expected to make the current long-term care financing system difficult to sustain in the future.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is responsible for approving the plans. In order to receive approval from the department, plans must contain specific consumer protections required by federal law, including inflation protection.

The Long Term Care Partnership program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Partnership Policy Requirements in Mississippi

Usually, in order to qualify for Medical Assistance, a consumer must first draw down his or her personal assets. The Long Term Care Partnership gives Minnesota consumers the ability to protect assets up to the amount of long-term care coverage they purchase. For example, consumers who purchase $100,000 of coverage would be able to keep an additional $100,000 of their assets if benefits from a long-term care policy are exhausted and they need to apply for Medical Assistance.

Partnership Insurance Policy Providers in Mississippi

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